Fernando Torres knocks Real Madrid out [Individual Highlights]


He is back. The goal machine, Fernando Torres, is back to his long-lost form after he stunned the defending Copa del Rey champions by scoring two outrageous goals. He played only first 60 minutes of the game, but it was enough time for him to dazzle his opponents with his fiery performance.

Torres scored first goal within first fifty seconds of the game and later added another goal in the first minute of the second half. For Los Blancos, Sergio Ramos scored in the 20th minute of the game and the Ballon d’Or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo, netted a beautiful header goal in the opponent’s net. The match drew 2-2 between the two Madrid sides, but Atletico advanced to the next stage on an aggregate of 4-2.

The Spaniard was coruscating with jubilance after the match and completely satiated with his performance.

“We must enjoy this,” Torres said. “It was a nice game, although I have had happier days at Atletico. I feel at 200 percent. I am very happy. It was a game in which we felt comfortable due to the result in the first game. The goal so early meant we could play the game we wanted to. We never saw the tie was in danger, we were never feeling worried.”

“The smile was as we were winning, and for scoring my first two goals,” he said. “And even more for having done it at a stadium where I had never scored before. To play at the Bernabeu is difficult. When they scored they thought they had a chance, but the 1-2 meant we were close to going through.”

On the other hand, Barcelona crushed Elche with a 4-0 win and a total aggregate of stupendous 9-0. The two ultimate rivals, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, will now clash against eachother in the Copa del Rey quarterfinals.



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