Chelsea inflicts a crushing defeat on Swansea city

The rampant Chelsea‘s deadly attack completely left the Swansea City‘s defence rattled and dazzled and battered as Costa and Oscar scored two goals each within first 36 minutes of the game. The fifth goal was added by German Andre Schurrle in the 79th minute, thanks to a fabulous assist from Ivanovic. Cesc Fabregas played brilliantly too by providing some quality assists to help his team regain their imperious form. Swansea city tried to make some ferocious but everytime they were denied by Chelsea’s impenetrable defence.

Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho, was contented with his team’s performance as he spoke to the media.

“It was a perfect game - everything went in our direction,” Mourinho said. “But there is no history without titles so if we play fantastic and don’t win cups no-one will remember this team.”

On the other hand, Swansea City manager apologized to his fans, saying that his team displayed a horrible performance and got what they deserved.

“It was a horrible performance in the first 45 minutes, way off standards that we have set,” he said. “It is very difficult to make mistakes continuously, coupled with fact that it is against Chelsea, which magnifies it more.

“We got punished every time we made a mistake and, ultimately, the first 45 minutes cost us the game. It was always an upward battle after that.

“We had to be perfect to stand a chance. We weren’t, we were far from perfect.

“Everything we worked on, we didn’t do. In the second half we were marginally better, but that first 45 minutes was our worst of the season by far. “It’s hard to explain the drop-off in performance. We are still in good place, but days like today are very hard to explain. “They are good players, they just didn’t show that today at all.”


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