Thrilling game at Anfield finished by wrapped up Skrtel [EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS]

From the four goals scored in a game between Liverpool and Arsenal, three of them were scored in the last minute of either the first, or the second half, and it could be a best description of this exciting yet strange match.

It appeared this is going to be more than just an interesting game even in the buildup: Brendan Rodgers announced he will, once more, go for a strange formation with three center-backs, seven midfielders and wingers and none center-forward. That kind of tactics, partially imposed by an injury from Daniel Sturridge and ban of Mario Balotelli, suffered a failure at Old Trafford and a lot of eyes were put at Rodgers, whose reaction after a win against Bournemouth in midweek have showed a man who is feeling pressure and is looking for a praise. Arsen Wenger couldn’t count on a backbone of his midfield, since Arteta, Wilshere, Ramsey and Rosicky were injured, and all of that promised us a game which probably wouldn’t have been seen under normal circumstances.

Coutinho opened the score with a nice low shot into the bottom right corner shortly before the first end of the first half and just after an error from Arsenal midfield and wrong back pass. It seemed like Liverpool would have a deserved advantage at half time, however one not so clever foul brought a last chance for Arsenal goal in the first half and, from all people, Mathieu Debuchy jumped over Martin Skrtel at the far post and equaled the score after just sixty seconds.

Arsenal went from goal down to goal up in the 65th minute after an another not so good defensive reaction – Cazorla sent a low cross from the left flank, the ball passed between Skrtel and Toure and Giroud was free to find space between Brad Jones’ legs from just seven yards. In the meantime, Rodgers sent Lambert and Borini on the field in an attempt to score a goal which would eventually save the day. They haven’t made up a goal, though Borini succeeded in getting a red card inside an injury time after two reckless challenges. However, a strange decision from Arsene Wenger to defend in the last twenty minutes was punished late in the injury time – Martin Skrtel was almost totally unmarked in the box after corner from Adam Lallana and he knocked the ball into the net for a well-deserved draw.

Liverpool vs Arsenal 21 22 2014 Extended Highlights


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