Shocking Transfer: Liverpool Returning former icon

Two minuses make a plus – that is the famous and little bit paradoxal mathematical rule.

It may be an answer for the two clubs that are in the modest ’minuse’ phase. Namely, since Mario Balotelli is in his usual form – as could have been expected by everyone except Brendan Rodgers – and since Fernando Torres scored just once in ten games for Milan this season, the Merseyside club could try to resign their former icon of the club.

Despite an awful form not just in Italy, but also playing for Chelsea, Liverpool may also find rivals in race for Torres. As it has been reported, Atletico may go for a player whom they raised and sold just to Liverpool. Since Diego Costa has problems with injuries quite often, Jose Mourinho could also be looking to finish a two-year long loan and get some competiton in attack.

And, as much as it could look senselessly, there could be a club interested in Mario Balotelli. He could return to his homeland since Napoli is interested, which may be connected with a possible move of Gonzalo Higuain, who is getting increasingly dissatisfied at Napoli.


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