My son is a big fan of you, Ronaldo says to Messi [VIDEO]

Speculations were rife about the deteriorating relationship and exchange of abuses between the planet’s two best footballers at the moment, Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. However, we saw on annual Fifa gala that both player actually respect eachother and they exchanged some sweet conversation and friendly, heartwarming moment.

After the Portuguese superstar won the Ballon d’Or, he called his 4-year-old son to join him on stage and share the memorable moment with him. Then, when he had made his exotic celebrations, he urged his son to go and say hello to Lionel Messi. Junior Ronaldo shyily went to Messi and he was starstruck to meet his idol, the Argentine legend. Messi affectionately patted him on head and asked him how he was doing.

Ronaldo then shouted from the stage,

“He watched a video on the Internet about us and he talks about you”.

He then told his son, “Don’t be embarrassed now!”

This sure was a classy moment between the two fierce rivals who actually might be friends off the field, who knows? Do you think Ronaldo and Messi are friends in real life?


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