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My son is a big fan of you, Ronaldo says to Messi [VIDEO]

My son is a big fan of you, Ronaldo says to Messi [VIDEO]

Speculations were rife about the deteriorating relationship and exchange of abuses between the planet’s two best footballers at the moment, Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. However, we saw on annual Fifa gala that both player actually respect eachother and they exchanged some sweet conversation and friendly, heartwarming moment. After the Portuguese superstar won the Ballon

Casillas: Real Madrid don’t need Messi

Speculations are rife that the relationship between Messi and Barca manager, Luis Enrique, are deteriorating at an alarming high pace. And it is being said that if continues like this, it would be soon that Messi leaves the club. That is why many prestigious clubs are showing ardent interest in bringing Messi in their squads.

Maradona: Forget Messi and Ronaldo, Neuer deserves Ballon D’Or

The Argentine legend, Diego Maradona, believes that the German goalie, Manual Neuer, deserves the Ballon d’Or instead of the top-favorites, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. This came as quite a shock to Argentinian fans who were expecting him to support his countryman, Messi. However, Diego Maradona says what he feels like. He doesn’t care about

Xavi reveals three players who deserve the Ballon d’Or

Barcelona’s midfield maestro, Xavi Hernandez, has revealed three players who he thinks deserve the Ballon d’Or. And, guess what, Ronaldo is not even in the third spot. In an interview to Sport, Xavi said: “In first place I would have Leo Messi, second Philipp Lahm, and third Javier Mascherano.” When asked about the Portuguese and