Manchester United brings back the former captain?

It was all clear, even at beginning of the season, that Louis van Gaal is going to have huge problems with his defensive line. The Dutchman was wandering from back-three to back-four tactics, finally deciding for the more conventional second one, as we could see recently.

However, whether he is playing with two or three center-backs, the outcome is the same - Manchester United lacks quality in front of David de Gea, who was beaten seventeen times despite being in great form. Problem is intensified by a lot of injuries and something needs to be done in the winter if ‘Reds’ want to, at least, secure CL place, so Louis van Gaal looked for the most reliable option - former captain Nemanja Vidic.

Serbian left Old Trafford in the summer, through the spring, actually, and decided to sign for Inter Milan after his contract expires in June. A decision made by David Moyes, actually, who would become a former manager very soon after that, lead to big implications on both United and Vidic, since the defender’s spell at San Siro is, to be polite, not going smoothly and Old Trafford club is having a big problems at the back.

Nemanja Vidic Statistics vs John Terry Season 13/14

Apparently, Van Gaal and Vidic met each other at one restaurant in the past week and concluded the deal to bring back one of the most prominent centre-backs in the recent history of not just Manchester United, but world football. Vidic is not the player he used to be a couple of years ago, but he still posses enough class to bring solidity at the back.


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