Real Madrid is the New World Champion [Video]

Only the sky is above the kings! Maybe the majority of the TV spectators held their fingers for the likable San Lorenzo, maybe all of the football romantics believed we could see another fairy tale, in which the poor Argentine take away the trophy in front of face of Carlo Ancelotti’s incredible side… However, there were no fairy tale and there were no miracles. For the fourth time in their history, Real Madrid became the world champion after they have demonstrated pure class in the clash with the champions of South America. That was enough for a triumph and a proof that there are just few sides in this moment that could challenge European and, since now, world champions. San Lorenzo deserve praise for the first-half resistance – there were elements of football decadency in their display, but with tight formation, restricted to defending their own penalty box, as well as the flanks, where Spanish team is the strongest, Argentines more or less successfully held out for the first half an hour. Nevertheless, in the 35th minute we have seen the goal very similar to the famous CL final equalizer – Sergio Ramos found a space between the two defenders in the box after the cross from Tony Kroos and it looked like Carlo Ancelotti’s team will prevail easily. The rest of the match was a matter of routine and when Bale finished great team effort in the 51st minute, it was all clear even for San Lorenzo’s fans.


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