PSG owners keen to buy a Premier League club

Investments from Middle-East inspired a revolution in the world of football in the last ten years. With the help of petrodollars, Manchester City has become a PL powerhouse and, step by step, is becoming a powerful European club. Another one club in ownership of a royal Arab family, PSG, is getting increasingly successful, with a dozen of transfers of world stars and, consequently, successes came not just in Ligue 1, where the Parisians have won a title after twenty years, but also in the Champions League. Qatar’s Minister of Sport and head of a foundation that bought PSG is looking towards another takeover of a prominent European club – the next target is, apparently, Tottenham.

‘Of course we want to buy one Premier League club. Personally, I enjoy watching the Premier League. When I was a kid, I liked buying football jerseys and I will just say that I provoked one Arsenal fan with my Tottenham shirt. I like all of their shirts, and I have two in this moment.’,

Said Salah bin Ghanem bin Nasser al-Ali. He obviously sparked a fire in the imagination of Tottenham fans when added a comparison with the PSG, which ‘haven’t won a title’ until the family from Qatar took them over.


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