Dortmund extended their agony

In the build-up for this game, we have suggested that this could be the game which would turn the things in favor of the Jurgen Klopp’s side. It didn’t happen.

Dortmund acquired sympathies from all around the world with their offensive and open-minded football, and they still have those qualities. However, at this level of football and considering high aims that are always in front of them, it is simply inexcusable to have such a shaky defense. It was thought Weidenfeller was the weakest link in the recent months and once a great goalkeeper was in pretty bad form nevertheless, but today’s goals from Selke and Bartels were no keeper’s fault. Mats Hummels did what he couldn’t have done at the other half of the field – scored a goal, which wasn’t enough to take at least one point.

Borussia is finishing the first half of the season at disastrous second from bottom place and jurgen Klopp needs to change something, or a lot of things in the winter break, whether in terms of training, tactics or by bringing a few quality signings, especially in defense. It would be a good thing if all the problems are concerning those five or six that are protecting the goals, since Dortmund conceded at least one goal in all but two league games this season, however It seems the problems could be deeper.

Bundesliga is a high-quality and exciting competition, but is it exciting in such a manner that a vice-champion could finish relegated just one year later? We’ll see in the spring.

Highlights Werder Bremen vs Borussia Dortmund 20 12 2014


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