Chelsea former Zouma back on the field on monday [VIDEO]

Neither of four goals scored in the game between Derby and Chelsea could be seen as the most striking moment of the evening. In fact, that was a terrifying minute when Petr Cech hit Kurt Zouma in the six-yard box while trying to punch the ball after corner-kick. Zouma went down and by his not-moving body and quick reaction from Fabregas and Azpilicueta it could be assumed that he is seriously injured. Through a mind a lot of viewers, and especially through a Petr Cech’s mind, flashed a scene in which the long-serving Chelsea goalkeeper was knocked unconscious and forced to wear a protective helmet by the end of his career.

However, Jose Mourinho revealed at a press conference that young French defender will get back to the field in a less than a week.

’Kurt is OK. We even think there is no need for him to stay in the hospital. He was a little bit dazed after the clash, and he had blood in his mouth because of the cut. He went through a thorough examinations and everything went well. He’ll be ready at Monday already. Sincerely, I couldn’t have seen from the distance right in the moment, I thought it was some kind of punch, but it was clash actually’, told the Portuguese.


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