Edinson Cavani red carded after Chile player sticks finger up his butt (VIDEO)

Chile are through to the semis, but only after the match with Uruguay turned ugly, with fighting, red cards - and even a bizarre incident that saw Gonzalo Jara plant his finger in Cavani’s BOTTOM.

Uruguay’s Edinson Cavani leaves the pitch after receiving a red card during the quarter-finals Copa America 2015 soccer match against Chile at the National Stadium in Santiago, Chile, June 24, 2015.

The Uruguay and Paris-Saint Germain striker, Edinson Cavani, got his second yellow card in the 63rd minute (and eventually a red card) for lashing out at Jara after the Chilean inserted his fingers in Cavani’s butt. It was not until replays surfaced later in the game that the cause of Cavani’s fury became clear. After the match, Jara was also suspended for the rest of Copa America 2015.

Chile have booked their spot in the semi-final for the first time since 1999 as Mauricio Isla’s 81st minute strike saw them knock out holders Uruguay in a bloody battle at the Estadio Nacional Julio Martinez Prádanos in Santiago. As for Uruguay, they are now packing their bags for their trip home.


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