Manchester United player cited – Pablo Escobar!?

After Mario Balotelli, who was suspended for Instagram posts which could be connected with racism, Marcos Rojo could get into trouble because of the same social network.

But, unlike the Liverpool striker, Manchester United defender recklessly chose to cite the most notorious drug lord, infamous Colombian criminal, Pablo Escobar. In the history of human civilization it could hardly be found more dangeruous drug dealer, but a more adequate thinker for citing definitely can. Actually, Rojo haven’t chose bad statement, just the bad author.

  Just the ones who were beside me during the times of difficulties and hunger may eat food from my table” once told Escobar, who was eventually assassinated by the authorities, in a true civil war on the streets.

Escobar was killed at the end of 1993 in Medellin. At the top of his business fame, his drug cartel was earning more than 50 million dollars a day, and Forbes magazine had evaluated his treasure for around 4 billion dollars in 1989, though it was almost impossible to determine his wealth.

Anyway, Rojo probably haven’t wanted to be seen as a supporter of Escobar, but it is almost probable the FA is going to investigate another one social media incident involving Premier League players.


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